Ahimsa Parmo Dharma Group (APDG)

The Ahimsa Festival is an annual festival founded by like-minded individuals with an aim to spreading the fragrance of peace and love through simple lifestyle choices.

The Ahimsa Parmo Dharma Group (APDG) was founded in 2015 to createawareness about the principles of ahimsa in everyday life. The group comprises six members who are leading professionals in their field of work, and have come together with the single vision of practicing and preaching non-violence in thought, deed and action. They are living examples of “Ahimsaks” who are successfully practicing the Ahimsa way of living for many years.

The Core Team

Atul Doshi

An Honorary Director in an online company providing free education content across the globe, Atul Doshi has also penned a booklet titled, ‘We Vegetarian (?) People’ in English and Hindi.  He is a Jain who initially followed Ahimsa as a religious practice, but as his understanding expanded, he realized Ahimsa has nothing to do with religion, but the principle needs to be practiced in every field of our life. He coordinates extensive programmes to propagate the concept of Ahimsa, and in a wonderful example of practicing what he preaches, he organized a novel cruelty-free wedding for his daughter in 2015. His efforts to share knowledge, create awareness, and inspire others have received wide acclaim.

Saroj Choudhury

Saroj Choudhury is one of the earliest advocators of vegan and wfpd (whole foods and plant-based diet) lifestyle in Mumbai. After a few months of going on this diet, she observed a feeling of compassion pouring from her towards all species in the world. She continues to be a strong supporter of wfpd and vegan lifestyle and has spoken at various seminars across the city. She has the vision of inspiring more people to come together and make wiser and more compassionate lifestyle choices.

Dr. Rupa Shah

Dr Rupa A Shah is the Founder and Director of circleOhealth, a platform aiming to enable individuals to achieve wellness through the wfpd diet. Trained in western medicine (MBBS) in Mumbai, she has been in the healing profession for over 30 years, having successfully reversed diabetes, cholesterol and other lifestyle diseases for her patients. She went on a whole foods and plant-based diet over eight years ago, and after experiencing its dramatic powers of healing, has since then made it her mission to advocate its benefits to others through cooking demos, workshops and film screenings. She has also authored a practical and easy beginner’s guide titled ‘Dairy Alternatives’ in English as well as Gujarati.

Pradeep Shah

An Electronics Engineer, Pradeep Shah has worked as an R&D engineer and since the last three decades, has been manufacturing electronic test & measuring instruments. Since the last three years, he has been practicing ‘Nature’s Diet System’ that has shown miraculous results, and holds the potential to cure all kinds of diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity and the common cold. Through his talks, he explains and advocates his belief that nature has made all provisions for us to be happy and healthy; all we have to do is follow its simple laws.

Reyna Rupani

Reyna Rupani is the head of SHARAN-Mumbai, an NGO which advocates food as medicine. She lost 17kg and cured severe acidity by following this philosophy, and now enthusiastically shares her knowledge and experience with others. She regularly participates in Farmer’s Markets across the city and has been a strong proponent of making cruelty-free and dairy-free choices in everyday life. She conducts SHARAN sessions like oil-free cooking, health talks, pot-lucks, film screenings and helps in spreading awareness about the power of natural food in the world.

Ruchika Chitrabhanu

Born and raised in a  family where compassion is a way of life, she learnt early on to constantly think of the wellbeing of all living  beings. Her close association with leading saints further strengthened her belief that compassion is the basis of all religions. She pursued Masters in Philosophy in Indian and Western philosophy  to get a deeper meaning of life.  She has been a vegan for the last 10 years. Her everyday life transformed after becoming a vegan. She propagates the benefits of veganism and the unbelievable cruelty in the dairy industry of today. By profession, she is an interior designer.
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