Workshop Teaches Cruelty-Free Cheese & Desserts

Posted on: 24 March 2018

Mayonnaise, cheese, creamy salad dressing, butters, dips are also part of our daily grocery list, and a must-have in every family’s kitchen. These all-time-favourite foods, were taught in a cooking demo in the city recently, which were all without dairy or animal products. The event was organized by Ahimsa Parmo Dharma Group and held at the Health Centre, Wadala that has been founded by whole-food nutritionist, Kajal Bhatia.

“How could cream and cheese be made without dairy?, you may wonder.

A group of professionals, chefs and gourmet experts launched a monthly series on 24 March 2018 and whipped out an impressive list of recipes to demo just that. “It’s possible”, was their belief to a much larger vision–to inspire all to eliminate cruelty foods from their kitchens. From creamy cheese and mayonnaise to a range of butters and spreads, and from a range of textured dairy-free cheese that are tempting alternatives to camembert and parmesan cheese. “These cruelty-free options are fast getting the attention they deserve, Not only are they compassion-based or ahimsa foods or vegan, they are a lot healthier as well.” Said Ruchika Chitrabhanu, Core member of Ahimsa Parmo Dharma Group.

Milking Groceries Innovatively  

The secret to healthier cooking is in the kitchen itself. Just turn your focus to less thought foods like nuts and grains. Hemali Pasad taught almond parmesan cheese and gado gado sauce, tofu dip from peanuts. She was followed by core group member, Saroj Choudhury who taught participants a range of milks like peanut, rice and almond. who awed the participants with milk from varied sources. She went on to awe the participants with curd recipes like corn raita in peanut curd, quick cheese and showstopper ‘Pink Nectar’, a creative version of rose falooda. Dr Rupa Shah concluded the event with innovative, but canny tips to make cheese from daily groceries.

Dairy Alternative Workshops

It all began in 2015, when a group of ahimsaks founded Ahimsa Parmo Dharma group to curate compassion based events across the city. They have launched perhaps the world’s first Ahimsa-based festival in Mumbai in 2016, and went on to organize the second edition in 2017. Since then, they organize events across the city to create awareness about the all-pervading ill effects of dairy and unhealthy foods in the kitchen. The motive of APD group is to inspire all to transform their lives and health with healthier way of living.

*Health Centre, Dadar organizes health workshops and food demos that are sugar-free and dairy-free.


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